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Heather Heidelbaugh
Pennsylvania Attorney General

The Attorney General is Pennsylvania's top law enforcement official.  His or her job is to prevent, prosecute and defend citizens against crime.
Heather Heidelbaugh is a trailblazer who rose out of humble beginnings, worked her way through college and law school, and became one of the most respected litigators in Pennsylvania--leaving shards of the glass-ceiling far below her.  Both her legal and political resumes stretch for pages, cataloging courtroom accomplishments and service to her party and the citizens of Pennsylvania. 
The attorney general is the lawyer for the people," she says of her decision to run.  "The citizens of Pennsylvania need a real lawyer who understands the complexities of the law, the intersection between policy and law, and how the law impacts people's lives."  Heather resides in Mt. Lebanon, Allegheny County.  She has served on the boards of Goodwill Industries, Carnegie Library, and as a Parish Council member of St. John Capistran Roman Catholic Church in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. 
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