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Douglas E. Straub
Magisterial District Judge

Doug Straub has 28 years of continuous practice as a civil and criminal attorney and served 24 years as an Assistant Public Defender of Mercer County.  Doug has also represented clients in more than 20 different Dounty Courts of Common Pleas and before more than 50 Magisterial District Judges.
Doug has represented clients at all levels of Pennsylvania's appeals courts including the Superior, Commonwealth and Supreme Courts.  He has also served as Treasurer of the Mercer County Bar Assocation.
Doug Straub is a lifelong resident of Grove City and Mercer County. Doug graduated from Grove City High School.  He also is an Honors graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Temple University School of Law.
 In addition to being an avid outdoorsman, hunter and fisherman, Doug is a P.I.A.A. registered wrestling official.
Doug pledges to use his nearly three decades of experience as a practicing attorney to issue fair, legally sound, impartial decisions in all civil matters.  In criminal matters that will be adjudicated before him, you can be confident that he will impose a just sentence, including the imposition of fines, probation and/or jail to deter a defendant from re-offending.  When a criminal case requires disposition at the Common Pleas level, he will ensure the matter is efficiently processed and utilize bail procedures to protect our communities from dangerous offenders. 
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