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Since 1855, the Mercer County Republican Party has been committed to helping Republican candidates get elected to office at the local, state, and federal levels. Our elected committee members represent various voting districts in Mercer County and campaign for and recruit candidates for offices ranging from school board to county treasurer to Pennsylvania governor. Committee persons are elected at the primary election in even numbered years.
In 1991, the Republican State Committee adopted a set of principles that our local party also believes and works to promote in Mercer County. We believe that government is a means of securing freedom and maintaining a system of justice. We believe that government must be limited and function with integrity while maintaining accountability to the people it represents. We believe that quality in education depends on a working partnership between students, parents, educators, and communities. We believe that the conservation of our environment and its natural resources must be protected. This is particularly true regarding the preservation of prime farmland.
The Mercer County Republican Party serves as a link between Mercer County voters and our policy makers. In addition to recruiting and campaigning for candidates, our party helps to shape the agenda of government by offering alternative policies to our elected officials. We influence the agenda of government by convincing our members and other registered voters to support and advocate certain policy initiatives.
Our members participate in Republican State Committee activities to affect change throughout the state of Pennsylvania by helping to elect judges and other statewide candidates. Cindy Robbins, Scott Boyd and Ann Coleman are Mercer County's State Committee representatives.
The Mercer County Republican Party with its sister organization, the Mercer County Council of Republican Women, is the entry point into politics in Pennsylvania. For more information about joining the Republican Party, please contact our chair Ginny Richardson at 724-967-4007.
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